Letter From the Editor: The Future of The Beaver Dam

Dear The Beaver Dam readers,


My name is Margot; some of you may know me as the girl who talks incessantly about being an identical twin, or as one of the best athletes of our generation … I did win ONE JV tennis match last year (and lost the remaining 14 …)

But, hopefully, you also remember me as the founder and writer for The Beaver Dam, our school’s first satire magazine.

Launching and writing for The Beaver Dam was one of the highlights of my high school experience. So I want to express my steadfast gratitude to you all – my readers – all five of you … for supporting me throughout this process.

Thank you for approaching me in the hallways to tell me you thought an article I wrote was funny. That always made my day.

Thank you for joining in me in laughter as I made all school announcements advertising The Beaver Dam. I hope you were laughing at the article titles I was sharing and not something embarrassing I was doing!

Thank you to my senior year calculus class for supporting me as I placed the link to The Beaver Dam on our classroom white board … again and again. And, thanks for bearing with me as I proceeded to encourage *beg* every one of you to read it.

Satire and humor are essential in life – especially in high school. High school be an awkward and trying time … for every one! The Beaver Dam became my outlet to make fun of high school and unite our community through humor.

Satire can be a diving force. At times, it makes fun of particular groups for the laughter of some. With The Beaver Dam, however, I strove to find humor that was respectful and playful – whether through making fun of BVR Hackathons, Senioritis, college applications, NuVu, or secret off campus lunch trips. I never wanted to write an article even a single student at Beaver would not understand. The Beaver Dam should and will continue to be funny for everyone.

I have many fond memories of working on The Beaver Dam: writing in an R + D pod , informing Pierre that he officially became a biology teacher at Beaver (hint: he was so pleased) … and so much more!

When I initially launched The Beaver Dam, I never expected it to have as big of an impact as it did. It started as a personal passion project. I honestly just laughed about possible satire articles with my morning carpool group. (Why am I still in a carpool, you ask, when I am old enough to drive? … I still don’t have my permit … sorry mom and dad … let’s move on … I’m working on it …). One day I thought: why not create a satire magazine with all these article titles? I loved The Onion!

I then recruited Jason to help me launch the satire magazine. For those of you who don’t know Jason, although I am sure many of you do, he is so funny and hilarious. It was a clear recruitment choice, and he helped a ton along the way.

Even when our viewership increased, I still felt like The Beaver Dam was only being read by Jason, my family (when I forced them to read it), and me. That is the weird thing about the internet. It is so easy to feel anonymous. But, all of you – The Beaver community – made this blog feel important. You told me you were reading it, and for that, I am grateful.

While I am graduating from Beaver this Spring, The Beaver Dam is not. Please expect to see more funny articles posted next year … and hopefully for years to come!

I can not wait to see what this magazine will become, and I have no doubt in in it’s future success.

Writing off a final time,



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