Finally! Tech Team Tracks Down Student Hoarding All the Chargers

closed up photography of two iphones
Photo by Steve Johnson on

After an 8-month long investigation dubbed “where are the dam chargers,” the Beaver tech team was able to track down the mastermind behind the mass disappearance of campus charges. His name? Sophomore Zach Goodall.

Using a complicated theft identification interface, the tech team found the location of the chargers.

“We barged into Mr. Goodall’s advisory where he was happily charging his computer to 100%,” the Tech Team exclaimed. “We soon found a stash of chargers hidden in his backpack and later in his athletic department locker. We were shocked.”

When asked to comment on why Goodall stole the chargers, he said, “I wanted to see how many I could take without the tech team there.”

After returning the chargers to their designated area, productivity in class increased by 600% as students no longer have to spend an average of 7 minutes per day hunting down a classmate’s charger that corresponds to their computer.

Goodall has now been sentenced to a 5-month stay behind Bradley Hall.

Wow! Big win for the tech department!


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