Mass Anarchy! Beaver Shuts Down After Wifi Crash

fire orange emergency burning
Photo by Little Visuals on

On January, 23rd, the Beaver Wifi crashed. Completely. The events that followed could only be described by faculty and students as “mass anarchy” and “a complete mess.”

Students began running lose through the hallways, screaming, “What do I do with myself??!!”

Soon, students were launching computers out of windows to plummet to the ground. Students with personal hot spots began to hide behind R + D pods as classmates charged at them desperate for a bar of Wifi. The tech team locked their doors as students banged at the door, yearning for a solution.

After hours of students running through the hallways, Beaver officially decided to shut down the school. So long. Bye!

“So much for adding a one to one computer ratio,” Senior Anthony Holt yawned as everyone was evacuated from the building in the fire drill procedure.


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