Sorry I’m Late to Class. I Got Mobbed by a Group of Admissions Open House Visitors

concrete tunnel
Photo by Xi Xi on

I’m so sorry I’m late to this history class!! To be honest, I barely even made it here alive!!

It started out as a typical day. I casually walked through the hallways. I even considered taking the elevator even though I am fully capable of walking.

But, then, it happened. I saw them appear from the shadows: a pack of nervous-looking children with their equally anxious parents walking towards me. They were lead by a student wearing a green tee-shirt!

I tried my best to avoid the group, but they were approaching at breakneck speed. Before I knew it, I was stuck. Surrounded. Struggling to breathe through the thick stench of middle school insecurity.

“This way!!” I heard someone shout, gesturing the group towards them.

I was like a sardine-packed in the middle of a massive blockade, desperately yearning to see the light. At that moment, I questioned my own existence. Would I even survive?

But, little by little, I felt coats move past my shivering body. I even began to see the clear large R + D windows. Somehow, I was free.

UM…. so… does this count as a tardy?


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