5 Senior Halloween Costumes that say “I forgot about this!”

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The senior Halloween parade is finally here. Here are 5 costumes to say, “I signed for this, and completely forgot about it!”

[1] Be yourself

Omg! So creative, you are going as yourself. Yes, its embarrassing, just take the walk of shame and move on. Snapchat stories don’t last forever anyway.

[2] Be a Beaver popup shop

Got all that extra gear you have no idea what you’re going to do with upon graduation? Wear it as a costume! Look at how spirited you are!

[3] Use a sheet and be a ghost

Nothing says spooky like a plain bed sheet with eye holes cut out!

[4] Just be something really funny

Of course, so simple, just be something like really really funny!

[5] Flee the country and never come back

This may be your only option. Just back up your bags, leave, and never come back. Go quickly though, your name will soon be called up to the stage!

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