Amazing News! Beaver Students Participating in Mandatory Hackathon End World Hunger, the Migrant Crisis, and Climate Change With Only a Stack of Legos From the R + D

The Hackathon is a way for Beaver students to work collaboratively to solve real issues facing the modern-day world. After learning how to conduct research, students are encouraged to create a prototype to visualize their groundbreaking idea. This year’s issues included world hunger, the migrant crisis, and climate change. 

Freshmen Oliver Mills was one of the students forced to participate in the Hackathon. Mills commented, “I don’t really see how this relates to my English class at all but whatever.” 

Mill’s classmate Karla Mooney added, “Is this really a hackathon if we aren’t even coding?”

When asked about their project, Mooney added. “Our cardboard prototype is a machine that absorbs CO2 from the environment,” Mooney said in finger quotes. “It looks really authentic, but it definitely does not work.”

Member of the Beaver Environmental Action Team, Amy Lee was excited about the idea of a Hackathon dedicated to mitigating climate change. However, her opinions quickly changed when she says the reality of the project, “I feel like we are wasting a lot of paper on this prototype.”

However, to the shock of the Beaver student body – and the R + D team – a group of Beaver students in just two hours, with only a stack of legos, found the solution to world hunger, the migrant crisis, and climate change. The students described their project as “a work of art that harnessing 3D printing and laser cutting technology to end real-world issues. We assure you this project works and we are not justing saying a bunch of buzzwords.” 

Wow! Congrats students!

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