Students Protest Nuvu (Noo-VOO) For Destroying Their Computer


Junior Zoe Denbow was furious about Nuvu (Noo-VOO) destroying her computer.

“They changed it into Chinese! They tried downloading software and now all the letters are in Chinese. I took it to the Apple Store and they wiped the entire thing and gave me a new one.”*

More enraged students had more to say about Nuvus (Noo-VOOs) destructive actions. Sophomore Fred Curry told me about his issues with his computers.

“Nuvu (Noo-VOO) tried downloading On-Shape and now every time I try opening Google Chrome, my computer comes alive and tries to eat me. It’s super dangerous actually. Yesterday, I was in History Class and I took out my computer to try to write an essay and it ate my hand off!! Nuvu (Noo-VOO) needs to be held responsible for their actions.”


Other students reported their computers playing Mariah Carey songs at random times, deleting every picture with the color blue, ordering furniture from online stores, and changing all fonts to size 3,058.


Nuvu (Noo-VOO) has not issued any statement on the situation.


*This is a real quote

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