Breaking News! Students Protest Not Having Fun Day on Upper Field



At around noon, a group of students walked out of their classes and gathered on the upper field to protest not having a fun day this year.

As they congregated on the turf, they began to chant, “What do we want? Fun day! When do we want it? NOW!”

Students read poems, sang songs, and showed photos of previous fun days.

Jasmine McKee ’20 attended the protest holding a poster that read¬†“How can we have FUN without a fun day?” McKee claimed, “At this point, I would even go to Jay Gees again. And trust me, when I say that this is a stretch.”

After student presentations, a group of about 100 students marched throughout the hallways. Faculty tried to stop them but it was a fruitless attempt. “It was very much the mob mentality,” a faculty member claimed. “They stomped around the school, posters in hand, fists in the air. It was truly impressive.”

Leader of the protest, Isac Monrose ’19 said, “The constant chanting at upper school meetings, complaining at fire drills, and the occasional Instagram meme were not working. I knew a more drastic action needed to be taken. A protest was the only reasonable measure I could think of.”

Will the protest work? Who knows! As of now, we may have to wait one more year from fun day.

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