Embarrassing: Student accidentally laser cuts half his face off


Shane Marshall was having some innovative time in the R&D center when things took a turn. He accidentally laser cut the left side of his face in front of his whole class. I asked Shane for some comments.

“It was so embarrassing!” said Shane. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed. The pain that this embarrassment caused will always stick with me.”

Other students in the class laughed at Shane, as it was very embarrassing. Shane has now developed the nickname “Laser cut boi,” which is really the worst thing that came from this incident. Also, his face falling off is pretty bad. Other students felt compelled to give me their thoughts.

“HA!” the students yelled. “That’s so embarrassing!! HAHAHA!! He’s so ugly now that his face is gone. Honestly, this is just Natural Selection at this point, bruh.”

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