Help Desk becomes World’s Largest Supplier of Laptop Chargers


cable-mess-670x335Students keep taking Chargers from the Help Desk.

During each day, an average of 468 chargers was borrowed from the desk. Each month, stock of chargers doubles as the demand grows. 50% of the chargers are outdated, as most students require USBC chargers.

“We are struggling,” said Julia Smith, Help Desk President. “We have placed an order for 5,285 chargers to let students borrow whenever they want.”

The budget of the help desk is currently at an all-time low, at 53.7 billion dollars. Some students will be forced to go through a school day with a dead computer if they can’t find a charger to save their computer’s battery. Our thoughts and prayers are with all students whose computer died these past few challenging months.

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