Friday X-Block Now Voluntary Because No One Stays Anyway


gold clipper

The Beaver scheduling office has officially decided for the upcoming 2020 school year they will not make Friday X-block a mandatory class. This is another shift in the long list of reforms for the upcoming school year.

“We were noticing this profound effect on Fridays,” claimed the scheduling office. “The school would be bustling with energy during lunch, and even the class after lunch, but once the clock struck 2:15 the school suddenly went empty. It was as if Beaver had become a ghost town!”

In order to encourage productivity and time management, the Friday X-block class has officially been removed from the schedule. Now, students have more time than ever to study in the R + D, check out books from the library (of course), and work collaboratively.

“We are forward thinking. We move with the trends. This was a profound and innovative change.” the scheduling office concluded.

So, how will you spend your Friday X-blocks next year?

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