Shocking! Student Finds Black North Face Backpack in Pile of Other Identical Black North Face Backpacks


On Monday morning, Junior Hailey Bunte placed her black north face backpack outside the lunch room.

“I kinda just threw it on the ground right underneath the ‘no backpacks here sign’ and just left to get some lunch,” Bunte recounts.

After lunch, Bunte exits the cafeteria confident she remembers where she placed her backpack a mere 20 minutes ago. Bunte tried to relocate her steps; however, she quickly became confused and disoriented.

“All the backpacks looked the same…” Bunte said horrified. “I could not believe this was happening to me – again.”

“At one point, three different backpacks looked exactly like mine. I just could not decide, which was was mine? This is the hardest choice I have ever to make in my whole life!”

After 13 hours of searching, locating the lost and found, and sending an all-school email, Bunte found her backpack right where she thought she left it: under the no backpacks here sign.

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