Unspoken Rules at Beaver

All of us are familiar with beavers wrote rules and values, but what about rules that have been created by students? Here are some unspoken, unwritten rules of Beaver Country Day School.

person holding brown card

[1] The Foyer is for seniors only!

You may only walk through the foyer on your way into Bradley Hall. If you stop to speak to someone in the foyer, you may not sit on the benches or the tables. You can stand and talk and leave when you’re done. If you don’t follow these rules, a senior will most likely yell “FRESHMAN IN THE FOYER”

[2] Use the word “innovate” or “innovative” whenever you speak in class.

Beaver is overall a very forward-thinking school, but it seems a bit unnecessary for it to be used in every presentation ever made. We’re beginning to turn into Nissan. Beaver: innovation that excites.

[3] If the homework isn’t on Canvas, you don’t have to do it.

“Um, wasn’t on my calendar. You told me in class? Well, I shouldn’t be expected to remember it myself, that’s what technology is for!”

[4] Everyone must eat at 12:30!!!

Ok, but seriously. Why does everyone do this? One minute it’s impossible to find a seat and by 12:45, the dining hall is empty!

[5] You must spend all of your money on overpriced coffee

X-block is for Starbucks runs and definitely not for meeting with teachers!

[6] Conceal all outside food and never leave it unattended.

You will be ambushed by at least 10 kids asking to have some. Munchkins are especially dangerous.

[7] Always bring a sweatshirt. You will be cold.

Even if it’s 90 degrees outside, the R and D center will be below freezing. But also, if you take visual arts, it’s 200 degrees in the McElwain studio so… I guess wear some layers?

This has been Beaver Country Day School’s unwritten rules. Failure to comply will result in a life sentence of waiting in line for garlic knots.

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