All Accepted Beaver Students Now Receive Stuffed Beavers Equipped With Air Pods

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.25.56 AM
Actual Beaver currently on Ms. Charle’s desk… for real

In an attempt to attract more students to Beaver, the marketing department has decided to add air pods to all stuffed beavers delivered to accepted students.

“This was a very important shift. We felt like the boring old stuffed beaver we used to send accepted student was not quite cutting it anymore,” tweeted the marketing department. “That is why we added air pods to all stuffed beavers. We are hoping to attract a lot more students through this new innovative auditory choice.”

8th grader Lisa Horowitz is one of the accepted students who received the line of stuffed Beavers. Horowitz claimed, “I was shocked when I opened up the box! First, they had a professional video with all these students dancing. For one second, I was like, is that a Beyonce music video? Then, I got this huge gift box with water bottles and shirts. Then, I saw the stuffed Beaver with air pods and I knew I had to go to Beaver no matter what. It was really not even a choice anymore.”

Students and families are happy to see that their tuition is being put towards good use.


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