Wow! Boy Who Never Attended Away Games Elected Varsity Soccer Team Captain

action athletes ball blur

Recently, boys varsity soccer placed votes for varsity soccer team captain. The winner? Junior Matt Lewsley. According to Lewsley’s teammates, he has never once attended an away game.

“I guess he is like really busy,” assumed one his friends. “He always seems to have something going on. What a shame, he is such a good player. I hope he is ok.”

According to Lewsley, he has just been super “busy.”

“Yay,” Lewsley said. “I love this team. I just like can’t go to the away games because I am… super shmacked¬†with work. You know?”

Lewsley can often be seen at home games, cheering occasional “esketit” and “let’s go boys” from the sidelines.

“He is super committed the team,” his teammates claimed. “He is constantly cheering us on. I mean he can get kinda mad when we miss goals. It’s ok though, we’re not really that upset about it.”

Lewsley is very excited to be leading the team to victory in the upcoming school year, inspiring the team to work harder during practice, and having the addition to his resume.

“I’ll probably be able to make it if we go to EILS,” Lewsley commented. “I’ll have to see. Like… I don’t know yet. I am just so busy.”


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