More Finals Week Reforms to Occur Including I’ll Just Write a Poem Option

fire and ice by robert frost

Last finals week – I mean whatever you call it – has been marked by many changes including the abolishment of tests. However, for the third term, the faculty has been discussing new and creative ways to push students to solve even more real-world issues, code even more geometric figures in P5, and build even more real-world skills. Therefore, the faculty has decided to incorporate a new “finals week” option: I’ll just write a poem.

Poems are the perfect way to innovate in English class. You don’t even need to worry about the proper conventions of grammar because… it’s a poem! Everything sounds super artsy and there is no way to know how much time you spent on it! Win-win!

But in math…? Progressive education means that a poem about a linear function is super helpful in building real-world skills like doing your taxes and paying off college debt.

This finals week, choose “I’ll just write a poem” option when you’re too lazy to actually do anything.



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