Peter Hutton Twitter Hacked and Snow Day for the Whole Week of March

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 5.28.14 PM

Every Beaver student knows that Twitter is the only way to receive the most important form of breaking news: snow days.

It was a typical March evening for Senior Joshua Rein. He anxiously refreshed Peter Hutton’s twitter feed to see any signs of a snow day, “I saw snow day calculator was at 99%, so I was just sitting and waiting for the tweet,” explained senior Joshua Rein. “I didn’t do any of my calculus homework so I am really hoping Peter Hutton could let us have the day off.”

After refreshing the fed 1,000 times, Joshua uncovered an unusual sight, “The tweet said we had the whole week off,” Rein explains. “I was so excited and surprised.”

When asked to comment on the decision, Junior Lindsey Wood agreed that canceling the whole week of school was the safer choice, “It would be super dangerous to drive in all that snow, even after it has been plowed 13 times,” Wood claims. “It is not like I have Netflix shows to binge, I just want to be safe.”

Minutes later, students were astonished when they discovered that the account had been hacked! A Freshman used P5 to send the emergency alert to the school.

After discovering the news, Senior Jonny Grits remarked, “So much for adding coding to the curriculum.”  

Looks like students only have one day instead of five to celebrate a massive snowstorm. Bummer.  

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