“Are you going to NuVu?” and 12 Other Questions Only Beaver Students Ask

beautiful businesswomen career caucasian
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

[1] Hey, are you going to NuVu?

[2] Can you get me some food from off-campus?

[3] What’s for lunch? Oh, really, that again?

[4] Wait, we have actually a school newspaper? No, we don’t! Are you serious, we really do?

(Yes, we do have a school newspaper. See our new and improved website here: https://thebeaverreader.blog/).

[5] How can I switch into strength and conditioning?

[6] Your from Newton? Me too!

[7] (Insert name) does Model UN? Of course, they do.

[8] Oh no, class meeting… what are we even doing today?

[9] There’s pop up shop today! Can you get me a sweatshirt?

[10] Are you even going to color war?

[11] What do you want to do for our senior prank?

[12] Are you watching the boy’s varsity soccer game/ basketball game?



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