Student Who Put Fluent in Code on College Applications Really Just Means Pencil Code

blur close up code computer

When Senior Eric Riley was applying to college, he had to find creative ways to make his time at Beaver look impressive. So, when asked what languages Riley speaks, he knew he had to write down fluent Spanish and code.

“Listen, the coding curriculum is such an important part of Beaver,” Riley said. “I am proud to say that I can code, really well.”

When asked what coding languages he can write in, Riley responded, “Like hava, or java, or something, and HBML of course. And Pencil Code for sure.”

Riley plans to continue honing in on his coding skills in the third term of his senior year.

“Coding is my passion. I wrote all about that on my Common Application. I really want to learn how to get that turtle on Pencil Code to move now,” Riley concluded before darting out of the interview room to a “meeting.”

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