5 Ways to De-stress During Finals Week

board chalk chalkboard exam
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yes, it is finals week. Or is it? Whatever, it’s still stressful! Desperate to distress already? Look no further! The Beaver Dam has 5 ways to de-stress this finals week:

[1] Get some Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Yep, it’s happened, your that person with puddy. Wait oh no, someone in your class wants some. Ok, here. Now everyone else in the class wants a piece. I am never touching that puddy again.

[2] Eat some hot breakfast

Nothing says relax like some sausage and maple syrup from Sage dining services. Thanks, Sage! Now I get to sleep in… and eat, the best of both worlds. Awww, the good life!

[3] Procrastinate

Nothing says finals week like Netflix. Yes, I need this break. Oh, wait it’s 11:14. Time to start cramming for that math final.

[4] Having an existential crisis

What is the world? What is the sky? What am I? It’s ok, we have all been there while completing our chemistry finals packet. Good luck doing those stoichiometry problems now.

[5] Cry in an R + D pod

Well, the tears are falling. It’s fine though, only five thousand people stop by and ask “are you ok?”  Let me think, I am balling my eyes out, I am clearly NOT OKAY!

Good luck everyone! The Beaver Dam wishes you best of luck on your finals. You’ll ace it!

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