Help! I Have Nothing Planned for My Senior Internship!

man in white shirt using macbook pro

Hi reader! Thank you for coming to my rescue. I have nothing planned for my senior internship. So, do your parents do anything cool? They do? Ok, let me know if they need some extra help.

I am totally capable of doing anything. Like I will literally do anything. My resume may say I have no job experience, but, I am actually the most qualified person ever.

I know, I know, I could just work at Beaver. Listen, that’s great, but like, I want to work in the outside world. I have been at Beaver for 3,000 years. C’mon, just this once, help me out. 

I will literally do anything at this point. If it comes down do it, I would do your families dry cleaning, or pick up dog poop, or take out the trash. I’m desperate. 

Just let me know.

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