Sophomore Discovers Beaver Faculty Room Transforms to 80s Retro Nightclub after 8 p.m


For Sophomore Kelsey Rolland, the day started out like any other. She went to class, loomed past the faculty room unsuspecting of any bizarre behavior, and attended sports practice. However, at 5:31 she received a text from her mom saying she would have to stay at school.

“I didn’t think much of it at first,” Rolland admits. “I just hung out in the middle school hallway for a couple of hours and finished some homework.”

That was until Rolland started to hear a thundering boom, flashing neon lights, and loud feet marching up the stairs.

“I was so scared at first,” Rolland says. “So I started to walk towards the noise. I could not believe it, but the faculty room was blasting EDM music! I saw teachers dancing wearing 80s retro costumes.”

Rolland continued to explore school premises and discovered a bouncer was at the entrance doors to the school. Within minutes, she saw her history and English teacher faculty room dancing.

“I was like… woaahhhh,” Rolland admits. “I had no idea Beaver faculty room turns into a nightclub past 8 p.m. No wonder they never let students enter.”

Rolland plans to investigate further and find the cause of her discovery.

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