Wow! Girl Wearing White Adidas Also Drinking Starbucks


To the shock of her classmates, Freshman Claire Miller walked into class late, carrying a grande iced coffee from Starbucks while wearing white Adidas sneakers.

“It was so brave and creative of Claire to juxtapose the Starbucks drink with the white Adidas,” claimed classmate Eric Dowey ’22. “I think the decision shed light upon consumerism, fascism, and the rise of extremism in today’s society.”

When asked about her inspiration, Miller claimed, “I thought these shoes were really cool and unique. I also go to Starbucks like every day. The baristas know my order. grande iced coffee with almond milk and Splenda. Except they still mess up my name. Claire is really not that hard to spell. ”

Moving forward, Miller aims to continue creating fashion trends.

“I know, I know, I’m a trendsetter” Miller concluded. “I think Pinterest and Snapchat really helped form the basis of my style.”

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