Wow! Student Caught Stealing SBAC Pizza Sentenced to Living Behind Bradley Hall Forever

SBAC pizza

Oscar Lowe was a naive Freshman. He would sit in the senior lounge chairs. He would be late to class because he couldn’t find his day around. Lowe was confused, nervous, and insecure; however, everything changed when Lowe saw a delicious smelling stack of pizza on Ms. Charle’s desk.

“It smelled so good. I don’t really know what got into me. Maybe it was because jambalaya was for lunch, but I stole a single piece,” Lowe said. “I still remember the taste of the sugary tomatoes mixed with the cheese. It was exceptional.”

Lowe surreptitiously walked away from the box to find refuge in the student lounge until a teacher saw him chowing down on the pie.

“I was caught red-handed, literally, my hands had tomato on them,” Lowe said. “I tried to explain myself. Soon, I was being dragged to the classrooms behind Bradley Hall. I heard the door click, and I was locked in. I thought someone would save me, but I have been living here ever since. It was only a slice!”

To all students who are lured in by the smell of SBAC pizza, be warned.

“Sweet tomatoes really isn’t that sweet,” Lowe said the dust from the Bradley Hall classrooms clogging his throat. “Take it from me, whatever you do, don’t steal the pizza.”


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