Wait, what? You went to summer camp too?!?


English narrative essays are an amazing time to write about transformative life experiences. For Sophmore Sophie Burns and Rebecca Holtz, no experience has been as moving as summer camp.

“Camp changed me forever,” said Sophomore Sophie Burns. “I felt so moved, and inspired by my camp experience, I had to write about it.”

One day while peer editing narrative essays, Holtz and Burns discovered shocking news: they wrote the exact same essay, word for word! Within minutes, the girls were already talking about their camp experiences: the long all-nighters, the hikes, the friends, the fun! They even exchanged names of people the other might know.

Below is a section from both the girl’s essays:

“The sunset over the glistening lake that sparkled in the moon. I was in the cabin will all my friends. Then all of a sudden somebody thought it would be a fun idea to sneak out! I was kind of scared at first but the experience led to one of my favorite camp memories.”

~ Rebecca and Sophie

What a shocker! Moving forward, Holz and Burns plan to write a slam poem comparing their unique camp experiences. Who know so many people loved camp!

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