Breaking News: Shake Shack is Added to Beaver Campus


Students rejoice as CEO of Shake Shack, Randi Garutti announces that he will be donating the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill to Beaver Country Day School.

“We have Beaver Students to thank,” says Garutti. “The entire Shake Shack company would probably be bankrupt without the students. They provide 84% of our total sales annually. I love Beaver. I’m going to resign as CEO and try to go back to high school at Beaver. Beaver is my life. I even got a tattoo of Beaver. Look. See. It’s on my arm. Pretty cool, right? Thanks. Yeah, it hurt but it’s worth it. Love you, Beaver!”

All students know that Shake Shack is Beaver territory and there is no time of day that anyone can go and not see other Beaver students. Beaver is ready to defend the American fast food chain from other schools that try to take it over.

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