Students Continue Search for Door Connecting Science Wing to Athletic Department


Caution: missing door from the science wing to athletic department. If found, please contact Senior Steve Brookes immediately has been searching for the door since the beginning of the year.

“It is just gone,” Brookes commented, a tear shedding down his eye. “It was so helpful.  I could go out to sports practice right away. My life is so much harder now. I have to walk upstairs. Litteral stairs.”

According to photographic evidence, the door was the last seen in 2017. In its place, is a ramp.

“Yeah it was great,” Brookes continued. “I beg the administration to get it back. Give it to me. I want it back. GIVE IT BACK!”

To all students suffering the loss, we feel your sentiment. We cannot help but wonder what happened to that door? That door was like a friend to us, we really loved that door, and can not help but grieve over its loss.

“We just want to reassure all students that our search is not over yet,” Barns concluded. “We won’t stop until we find the door, we promise.”

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