Shocking! Friend Who Said “I would totally buy your clothes if you start a clothing brand,” Never Does

man in gray pull over hoodie standing on train rail

Junior Tim Burt had ambitious goals. He wanted to beat all of his friends at Fortnite and create the most dope Spotify playlist. However, more importantly, Burt always dreamed of starting a clothing brand. As a shoe lover, frequent sweatshirt wearer, and Dunkin Donuts drinker, Burt wanted a clothing brand that would embody his unique lifestyle needs.

“I wanted my sweatshirts to be cool,” Burt recounts. “The sweatshirts are gray with doodles I made during Spanish class.”

Burt decided to name his brand Yeezys 2.0, in honor of Kayne West’s multimillion-dollar shoe company.

One day at lunch, Burt told all of his friends about his new clothing company and asked if they would be interested in buying the sweatshirts once they are released.

“To my surprise, all my friends seemed really excited,” Burt smiles. “They all said they would definitely buy the merch, and they all loved the design!”

After spending weeks crafting, drawing, doodling, building his social media presence, and buying the sweatshirts, Burt finally had the impetus to launch his brand.

“I was expecting a huge first day of sales,” Burt said. “I’m talking sold out.”

However, no one seemed to be interested.

“All my friends said like their Venmo accounts got hacked, or something,” Burt said. “Some said they didn’t have cash, or like their parents won’t let them.”

Burt plans to continue refining his artistic craft, creating more merchandise, and building a stronger social media presence.

“I’m gonna make it big time,” Burt concluded. “Plus, my friends will buy em soon, they just have forgotten to bring cash to school for like the past 15 weeks.”

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