It’s OK If You Didn’t Read the Honors History Book, Here are 5 Ways to Pretend You Did

reading the book

Who needs to read Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom anyway? That book is literally (like actually) 684 pages. Its OK though, the Beaver Dam has you covered. Here are 5 ways to pretend you read that honors history book (when we all know you didn’t!)

[1] Spark Notes. 

This one is very creative. Just go on Spark Notes. Or CliffNotes. Or Book Rags. Or GradeSaver. Or eNotes. Or JiffyNotes. Or Shmoop. Plus, its totally fine if you know all those websites, and have checked them at least once in your school career. Ya know, they aren’t Wikipedia so they are totally trustworthy!

[2] Piggyback off of someone else’s point

The most difficult time to fake it: the honors book discussion. Just make the exact same point that was said before and just paraphrase it.

[3] Divert the conversation

Try to relate the book to the podcast you have been listening to, YouTube video you watched, or article you read in the newspaper. You will seem so cultured! Plus, you don’t even have to talk about the book. Win, win!

[4] Watch the movie

Choose the book that doubles as a movie. Yes, the movie is probably really inaccurate, but it’s still a movie.

[5] Just read the book

Consider this: is it really worth spending the time checking SparkNotes, renting a film, and diverting the conversation when you could just read the book? Yes, it totally worth the time! You are like super busy!

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