New Beaver Trip to Moon. Coders Needed.

beaver X moon2

Beaver is launching their new expedition: Beaver X Moon, a two week trip over winter vacation to explore moon craters and search for extraterrestrial life.

“We are very excited to launch Beaver X moon,” explains Ms. Everson, a Beaver math teacher, and leader of the project. “We think the moon is the next frontier of change and exploration, and in order to innovate we needed to set our standards higher, literally.”

Apparently going to Belize and China did not quite make the cut, and the moon was an obvious next step.

“Students will be constructing their own rocket ship,” Ms. Everson explained. “They will then blast off for 2 weeks and use Arduino and laser cutters to explore the moon. We think the gravity-less experience is going to be very eye-opening for our students.”

So are interested in space travel and eating space food? Then the moon is for you! Apply today using a Google form and get ready to blast off to space with Beaver X Moon.


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