Beaver Pool Gains Another Protective Case After Student Attempts Swim


The Beaver swimming pool stays open for a mere 3 months of the year: summer. Then, when the school year begins, the pool is blocked, ignored, shunned, and isolated from students.

“It is not fair the pool is only open for the summer camp,” Senior Lara Bloomberg says. “It would be so much fun if we could use the pool during the school year.”

On the last day of the first term, Bloomberg decided to attempt an unthinkable plan: swim. She plunged headfirst into the pool and began paddling through the murky water. 

“It was glorious,” Bloomberg confesses.

Minutes later, a faculty member observed a bizarre object bobbing up and down the pool.

“I dashed down the stairs” admits the faculty member. “But then I was like… it’s a student! I knew this day would arrive. After years of students begging to swim someone was bound to take the leap.”

Bloombags recalls the rescue as “terrifying” “the end of the world” and “an overreaction.”

“All of a sudden someone was pulling on my shirt,” Bloomberg continues “ Then I realized I was caught! I mean I am a lifeguard so it was totally safe.”

After the incident, Beaver has upgraded poolside security. The pool case now has not only one, but two protective cases. In addition, Mr. Manning now guards the pool and premises throughout the day. 

Thanks a lot, Lara. Now no one else can try to swim.

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