Sophomore Uncovers Only Other Student At School During Red Sox Parade AND Survives to Tell Their Story

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On October 31st Beaver turned to a ghost town, and no, not because of Halloween; but, because of the Red Sox parade. Sophomore Eric Glass survived the empty hallways, dim lit R + D couches, and awkward one-on-one conversations with the teacher to tell his story.

Glass recalls entering the school, and being the only student in his history class. Then, during advisory, no one brought in food! Alarmingly, he entered the cafeteria at 11:45 without a line!  

But everything changed when Eric Glass left x-block to go hide in fear. On his way to the Rogers Room, he says a peculiar sight, “They appeared through the shadows. I saw them first through the huge R + D window. I was like it must be the ghost, or worse, a sign the wifi is down.”

Glass decided to muster the bravery to approach the figure when he discovered it was the trumpet player in his jazz ensemble, “I remember saying, Drew, is that you?” to the blank void of empty seats in the Rodgers Room. “And then he responded. I was so relieved. I thought the world was ending.”

Drew Berns ‘21 describes the event by saying it was “terrifying”, “shocking”, and “surprising”

“I thought I was the only student at school,” Berns admits. “But then I saw Eric and I was like oh, someone else also thinks baseball is… really really boring.”

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