Student Exits the Shadows and Finally Asks What it Means to “Innovate” and “Solve Real-World Problems”

man walking on floor

Sasha Green ‘19 is a lifer at Beaver. She started in sixth grade and has been a passionate student ever since. She attends every pop shop and even owns one of the very, very old vintage sports jerseys. Wow!

“I love Beaver!” Green comments to a group of her friends.

However, after many years hiding in the shadows, Green finally musters the confidence to ask the question that has plagued her existence since sixth grade, “What on earth does it mean to be ‘innovative’ and ‘solve real-world problems’?!?”

After her commentary in her discussion-based English class, students finally could exit the shadows and ask the doomed question.

“I was so happy Sasha asked this question,” adds Michael Burt ‘19. “I was wondering the same thing. I can finally sleep at night.”

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