Shocking! 14 Admissions Ambassadors Fly Towards Door to Say Hello to Touring Students, No One Left in Class

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography

At 10:21, a typical scene ensued: a group of nervous-looking students walked through the doors to observe 11th-grade trigonometry class. For a minute they stood there awkwardly, until…

“I saw them and I felt it was my responsibility to say hi,” claims Henry Sheffield ‘20. “I guess I just jumped up from my seat. I am an admissions ambassador… so.”

However, Sheffield was not the only student interested in introducing the prospective students to the school. Thirty other students flocked from their seats to talk about the interactive project they are working on.

“When I finally reached the parents, I realized, woah, there are a bunch of other students around me,” Sheffield adds.

The teacher was left confused and alarmed when no students were remained to teach sohcahtoa to. A very sad day for the math department.  

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